Food Program

Our Centre provides a nutritionally balanced morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for your little ones. Our lunch meals are supplied by our food partner, Little Tummy Tucker. Little Tummy Tucker’s meals and are prepared especially for children in Early Learning Centres.  The meal contains VegeBoost (Developed by The Food Science Department at The Sunshine Group). VegeBoost is an innovative and patented technique that incorporates extra Vegetables into our meals, blended delicately and precisely for optimum taste. Developed specifically for the Childcare industry, the VegeBoost technology assists Childcare Professionals to efficiently meet the daily nutritional requirements of those in their care.  All of the food is made with only the highest quality, and we cater for children with allergies. Children will love the taste of our meals, and you will love the convenience and peace of mind! The food menu is located in the Centre and the menu continuously changes to give a variety of meals to our kids.